One More.

Yesterday, I left work early in an effort to make it from the extreme west side of LA to the heart of downtown before 5:30pm on a Friday night, because I needed to run a grad school/thesis errand in person on campus.  I was stuck in traffic for an hour before I thought to call the department office and double check their hours, because I was worried I wouldn’t make it before 5.  This is when I learned that the department office closes at noon on Fridays* and that I had just battled 60 minutes in traffic in the complete opposite direction of my house at the worst time imaginable for no reason.  I had to turn around and sit in traffic for another hour to get home, empty handed, having accomplished nothing.  It was pretty awesome.  And all the way home, as I seethed and mourned the two hours of my life I will never get back, I thought about that Obama gun control photo and focused my crazy on it.  Therefore, I apologize to everyone who gave exactly no craps about that post.

However, it was a good release for me and now I’m going to subject you all to it one more time.  I’m basically just cribbing annoying things from my conservative cousin’s Facebook page.  I pinky swear this is the last one:


Yes, because failing policies should never inspire thoughtful improvement.  They always demand complete policy abandonment (much like welfare and public school!).  Good plan, The Comical Conservative.


*How could I have attended that school for two years and not known the department office closes so early on Fridays?  How could I make such a mistake and still dare to call other people idiots?  My excuse: when I was completing my coursework, I only had classes on Monday and Tuesday nights and have legitimately never been on campus on a Friday.  Oops.


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