Good Looking.

This morning, I sat up in bed, threw my hair into a bun and pinned back my horrific self-cut bangs while still wrapped in blankets, and stumbled to the bathroom.

I was so impressed with this otherworldly styling that I not only thought I needed to photograph it, but I also then decided to just leave it and go to work at my job with my hair unbrushed in a bun I tossed it into while I was literally still asleep.  I make no excuses for this, except that I had only gotten five hours of sleep (which for me is basically an all-nighter) and that it actually looked better than it does most of the rest of my life.

photo 1

Please excuse my filthy mirror. I had just really aggressively brushed my teeth?

In other fascinating news, today at work, I came up with a new game.  I call it: Does That Shoe Come In My Size?

photo 5 photo 3-1photo 4-1photo 2

(Hint: No, it doesn’t.  They are all children’s shoes.)

I want them all.  GIVE ME ALL THE SHOES, please.  I need a pair of black studded ballet flats and some boots with pink laces in a grown up size right away.

I am now getting both validation and fashion inspiration from preschoolers.


5 thoughts on “Good Looking.

    • Oh, I know. I am in awe of new mothers. How do you not sleep? (Despite how stupid it sounds, that is an actual question.)To be functional, I need a solid seven to eight hours. (My parents used to call me “Princess,” as in “The Princess and the Pea,” because of my super delicate sensibilities.)

      • Ha! I was the same way. I needed at least 8 hours plus a nap if possible. You just learn to appreciate the hour or two of sleep you get (3 hours seems like a long time now!) Plus, it’s for this baby you love, so that helps. It’s still hard though. Very hard. I can’t wait til the sleeping through the night thing happens. I don’t beat myself up for the housework not getting done. I’m lucky to get a shower. Still totally worth it. This is rambling. Sorry.

      • You never need to apologize to me for rambling. “Rambling” is pretty much the definition of how I communicate. I don’t think I ever quite understood what new mothers really meant when they said they were getting up “every hour” until a friend explained (the very obvious) real deal: it’s not a brief wake up call. It’s nearly forty five minutes of feeding, changing and soothing, all with the promise of doing it again in about thirty minutes. I can’t even imagine – it’s probably why they make babies so cute.


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