Things about my life that make me crazy:

1) Being stuck in Master’s degree purgatory.  I crafted a fairly easy-to-complete thesis project that I am hugely interested in, is relevant to my field of study and has bearing on the real world, and of that I am proud.  However, I can’t begin the research until I am able to secure access to reports that are public record but are not usually requested in such high numbers or in such specific categories.  I’m working with a couple really phenomenal experts who are going way above and beyond the call of duty for me, which I appreciate more than I can even articulate.  However, gaining access is a slow process and it is entirely out of my hands and it is making me super anxious.  I took Excedrin PM in order to sleep for two nights in a row (in my defense, I did totally have splitting headaches both times).

2)  Student loans.

3) Feeling like I just turned 26 and am already staring down my next birthday.  Dear time: slow down please.

4) Listening to people talk about taxes.  Look, if you’re wealthy enough to hate new tax rates, you’re not getting any sympathy from me.  (Too harsh?  Is that alienating?  Does that matter if it’s how I actually feel?)

Things about my life that make me happy:

1) My incredible husband, who, at the risk of inspiring nausea, truly is my favorite person in the world and is my biggest cheerleader and most trusty supporter, even when I wake him up at midnight in a panic about what the hell I’m doing with my life.

2) My family.  Always.

3) Friends!  In a wonderful stroke of luck (and as a relatively huge surprise), Fertile Myrtle moved back to California, which is so great.  I saw her tonight and realized just how much better it is to have conversations in person.  Also, I almost made her pee herself, because I am so hysterically funny.  (Full disclosure: she’s six months pregnant.)

4) My job, which is filled to the brim with love and happiness and hugs.  I’m too embarrassed to admit just how much validation I get from the five-year-olds in my class.



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