Childbirth Without Fear. Again.

Back in August, in the throes of my conception madness, I wrote about Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read and commented that the cover of the copy I picked up at a local library was terrifying.

Exhibit A:


Is this child being born or escaping from a paper bag?

Just now, I was perusing Amazon to find and order the second and third installments of the Call The Midwife trilogy (more on that later – tomorrow?) and I stumbled upon the cover of the 2013 printing of Mr. Dick-Read’s famous childbirth manual.

Exhibit B:


Despite all odds, the publishers managed to make the cover art even more disturbing.  You should buy it anyway, though, because it’s excellent.  Just maybe don’t face it out on your bookshelf.

(P.S. I just showed this new cover design to my husband and he thought I was making it up.  Quote: “The author’s name is Grantly Dick-Read?  This cannot be real.”  End quote.  Unfortunately [or fortunately?], I don’t have the Photoshop skills required to fake something like this.)


2 thoughts on “Childbirth Without Fear. Again.

  1. WOW!!!! I’m pretty sure that cover would prevent me from buying a book. I don’t think I could read the book because the cover would give me nightmares!!! The first cover is kind of creepy, but I think I could get past it; however not true for the second one!

    That cover was totally designed for e-readers! (so the cover doesn’t appear all the time and no one ever has to see it on your bookcase).

    I still think about your first review of the book though.


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