The First.

On Tuesday, the first day of 2013, my family descended upon Disneyland to meet up with my cousins and their painfully cute seven-month-old son.  The last time we’d seen them had been at their baby shower, so we were meeting little Thomas Patrick (not his real name – it is equally classic 1776, though) for the first time.

As I have said more times that I would have ever been able to predict, going to Disneyland with a baby is super adorable.  Most adorable of all, perhaps?  Watching my dad, who is a big shot in local government around here, fall to pieces over the baby.  At work, he helps run Los Angeles.  On his days off, he enjoys riding Small World, eating malt balls and snuggling with small drooling babies in fleece bear onesies.  Occasionally, when they are fussy, he kisses their heads and bounces them around.  I loved it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 4.41.33 PM

In this photo, you’ll notice that both my father and my cousin have noses and hands. I realize the extreme crop of this picture is ridiculous – I just can’t get on board with posting photos of people who are unwitting blog participants online.

My parents and my husband and I enjoyed “Pirate’s Lair,” which will forever be “Tom Sawyer’s Island” to me.


Floating bridge, anyone? (I’m such a delicate flower that I actually got seasick crossing this. It was about ten feet long.)

And then, at my mother’s insistence, we took what is now my all-time favorite picture of myself:


You can tell I’m in it (you see, there’s hair and a scarf and some eyebrows standing next to my husband), but you can’t see my terrible camera face. Apparently the cure for looking like a monster in photographs is to only allow photos of yourself to be taken with low light in the foreground and bright light in the background on inferior Android cell cameras. (I’m sorry for the dig, Android cell phone users. I’ve just personally experienced both sides of the Android/Apple cell camera debate and Apple wins. By a lot.)

I hope you all had an equally hilarious, delicious and delightfully brisk (it was 50*!  During the day!  In Anaheim!) January 1!  Happy New Year!



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