Victoria, of Busy House Big Heart, nominated me for a Liebster Award, which is supremely kind of her and makes me feel like I am in fact a part of a community and am not, as I so often assume, just talking to myself.  I started this enterprise as a way of reaching out to and connecting with people who were experiencing similar (and vastly different!) life developments as I am (or hope to be soon), and I am happy to say that it’s working out pretty well.  I have told exactly three people in my real life about this blog and one of them is my husband (who is legally forced to support me in all endeavors).  That means, thus far I’ve convinced several strangers that I’m interesting and worth following.  Thank you very much, guys!  And thank you, thank you, Victoria!  Congratulations!  (She’s having a baby today.  You know, no big deal.  Back to questions about me.)

How a Liebster works:

A blog is nominated for a Liebs if it is an incredibly entertaining, well-written masterpiece produced by an as-yet-unrecognized genius (meaning: the blog has fewer than 200 followers).  This aforementioned genius then goes on to post 11 facts about herself (or himself, I guess), answer 11 questions posed by the blogger who nominated her/him, write 11 new questions and then nominate 11 new bloggers.  The Liebs is a way of recognizing greatness and increasing greatness’s readership.  (It also just took me two hours to do this.  I extend complete amnesty to anyone without this kind of time.)

11 Facts About Sarah (the Whiny Baby):

1) I am a pseudo-vegan, meaning I don’t eat milk, eggs or cheese unless they are whipped into a pie or baked into cookies or made into hot cocoa.  I’ll eat cheesecake, but not quiche.  It’s a texture/taste thing.  I also don’t eat meat.  At all.  I started eating this way when I was eight and realized that the “chicken” on my plate didn’t just have the same name as the “chicken” that was a living animal.  My mother thinks my dismissal of milk at such a young age is why I am 5’6″ and she is 5’8″.  Whatever, mom.

2) I am a mild to moderate hypochondriac.  You better believe if sneeze falls in the forest, I’m there to hear it – and then watch to see exactly what the sneezer touches.

3) I worked for one year as a Forensic Anthropology Intern at a local Department of Coroner, a job that in theory had me analyzing clean, processed skeletal material for evidence of trauma and in practice had me analyzing skeletal material for evidence of trauma after I had to remove it from pretty messy places.  I often found myself thinking, How did I, noted hypochondriac vegetarian, end up here?

4) When I was 14, I was hit in the skull by a fly ball at Dodger Stadium.  It was horrifying for teenage me to be the center of so much attention, as the entire stadium section turned around to see if I’d been killed before I was whisked away to the Dodger Stadium Hospital.  I then stayed up all night despite being cleared by the Dodger doctors, because I didn’t want to slip into a coma and die.  (Hypochondriac.)

5) This past summer, I went to a Dodger game and sat in that same section behind home plate.  I saw not one but two people from this section leave on stretchers after getting beaned by fly balls.  Moral?  Do not sit behind home plate at a Dodger game.  Unless you want to have to wait ten minutes for medical attention after having an object flying 90 miles an hour come into contact with your brain case.

6) There was a time when my husband and I lived in a one bedroom apartment with four cats (and by “a time,” I mean two years.)

7) I have almost completed a Master’s degree in an area of study that every news outlet ever is calling one of the most useless of all time.  (Read: Anthropology.)

8) My husband and I met writing for a now-defunct comedy paper at UCLA.  We are hilarious.

9) Life goals: make it to Machu Picchu and Pompeii (I’m hoping to accomplish Pompeii this summer.  Fingers and toes are crossed).

10) I don’t really like bananas.  I eat them only because they do not need to be washed.

11) I am sometimes very lazy (see #10).

11 Questions Victoria Asked Me:

1) What pushed you into the blogging world?

I’ve been a personal blogger since around 2006 and have had two blog addresses before this one.  I wrote because I love to talk and discuss and work out issues in words and everyone around me was tired of listening.  I began Whiny Baby as a way of focusing my baby craziness into something productive and engaging, and as a way of connecting with other people.  I find the connections are easier to make on WordPress than on Blogspot (which hosted my other two blogs).  This may just be because I’m a dummy and didn’t know how to actually use Blogspot.

2) What major obstacle are you most proud of over coming?

At the risk of sounding like a sad sack, I think I am currently muddling through my most major obstacle, which is to figure out what the what I want my life and career to be and to mean.  I’m in a spectacularly good place about it right now, though (if I don’t check my LinkedIn profile).  I’m really looking forward to this year and have a long list of goals I want to accomplish.

3) What would you say your blogging niche is?

In July 2012, I would have said my blogging niche was “conception/TTC.”  Now, though, I’d say it’s “lifestyle,” except without all the cute projects or inspired recipes or cool trips.  My LinkedIn profile lists “comedic timing” as one of my skills/areas of expertise, though, so maybe my niche is “sarcastic crazy person.”

4) How does Pinterest make you feel?

I come from a long line of artists and crafters.  My mom is a painter and a sewer and a knitter and a fantastic cake decorator.  I have boxes and boxes of fabric appliqué materials and embroidery thread and jewelry findings and cozy yarns and crochet needles and plastic cheater looms.  Pinterest is, theoretically, right up my alley.  However, in actuality, Pinterest makes me feel like I don’t have nearly as much money or time or creativity as all the other women (and men) of the world.  And if I do have a free moment of inspiration, I spend it pinning things instead of doing things.  I have mixed feelings.

5) If you had to choose between 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s music for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

This is such a hard question.  I’m going to say 90s.  I may have a 90s kid bias here, but I think the music, movies and TV (especially kids’ TV) of 1990-1999 were all pretty superior.  90s.  Definitely.

6) What are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking forward to having a career that draws on my science and anthropology and teaching backgrounds and having a baby and a house and my family nearby.  That’s felt far, far away in years past, but I can feel things moving in the right direction.  I’m excited!

7) What do you wear to sleep in?

Whatever I don’t mind having to wash the next day.  (Because I slept in it, you pervs.  Not because of any funny business.)  Is that disgusting?  I have two pairs of pajama pants, but they don’t usually make the rotation (because, if I’m honest, they are lost in my bottom drawer).  Sometimes it’s a robe, sometimes its a sweatshirt, mostly it’s just a T-shirt and several blankets.

8) What genre would a movie about your life be? and who is playing you?

If my life were a movie, it would be one of those frustrating comedies about a klutz who keeps knocking things over and missing her bus.  However, she’d get the guy and the awesome job in the end.  Also, I’d be played by Michelle Monaghan.


9) Are you a collector? If so, what do you collect?

As a kid, I was a collector of pig figurines and Troll dolls.  As an adult, I hoard books.  However, for the most part, I think I’m a collector of weird and interesting experiences.  I love having stories.

10) Do you sing in your car? What song really makes you belt out the words (you know)?

I sing in the car, by myself.  And only in the car by myself.  The song I love the most is American Pie by Don McLean.

11) As a child what did you obsess over? A show, an article of clothing, etc

I loved Titanic.  I was 11 when it came out and I was swiftly moving out of childhood, so maybe that doesn’t count, but oh my God, Leonardo DiCaprio.  I made my mother stand in line at Blockbuster at midnight on the night the two-VHS set was released so that I could be the first girl I knew who owned it.  I have never again in my life cared about being the first person to see/own/know about something.  Full disclosure: I had a Titanic-themed twelfth birthday party.  My mommy made all my guests life preserver pillows as party favors.  It was all very respectful of what a huge tragedy the real Titanic suffered.

The 11 Blogs I Nominated (aka: The 11 Bloggers Who Now Know I Have Stalked Them For Months):

For the record, I couldn’t find how many followers some of these blogs have.  If you are listed and have more than 200 followers, I mean no disrespect.  I’ve selected these because I adore following their journeys (you’ll notice they are almost all conception/baby blogs – I’m not ashamed).  Most probably don’t need my help “increasing their readership.”  However, check them out anyway, because they are fabulous.

11 Questions For Future Liebbies:

1) Do you have a celebrity doppelgänger?  Who is it?

2) What has been your biggest accomplishment?

3) Pretend we are all sitting in the first meeting of a college seminar class.  You are being forced to tell a memorable story about yourself.  What is it?  (Mine was, and is to this day, the one about the Dodger baseball to the frontal lobe.)

4) If you could live in any historical time period, which would you chose?

5) You can only eat one food for the rest of time.  It is:

6) Where is your favorite place on Earth?

7) If you could go back and do high school again, would you?

8) What was the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

9) Who is your favorite Beatle?

10) If you were going to colonize the Moon and could only take three things with you, what would they be?

11) Do you have any odd talents?


10 thoughts on “Liebs!

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I am glad I have some readers other than my mom and facebook friends. Actually, I don’t think my mom reads it. I also love your blog, FYI. I’m going to post this as soon as I can get 10 minutes to myself! Babies are hard work.

    • Haha! You are under no obligation to post this. I can’t even believe how much time I spent on it – I obviously have no children/anything else going on. That being said, I really want to read your answers to those questions. 🙂

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  3. Aw thanks! 🙂 I promise to do this soon. And I don’t know if you put everything in a specific order or a random one, but I appreciate being the top either way.

    And it was fun to read all of your answers to Victoria’s questions and “get to know you better.”


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