Oh, hellllllllllo.  Want to see some photos from this year?  In no particular order, I present 2012: Space Odyssey:

photo 2-1

photo 1

I met a monkey at a Saturday brunch with friends. Having friends with zoo jobs has its perks!

photo 1-1

I spent a ton of time with this adorable beast.


Baby me!  Apparently, I was once a turtle-faced pearl-clutcher.




September 2012 – school begins!

My brother is so stylish.


photo 4

2012: the year I learned how to blow dry my hair. I am 26.

photo 5

I found this photo in my mother’s camera. It highlights the fact that we look like total strangers. Genetics are crazy.

photo 5-2

Cars Land! My mother-in-law has given us Disneyland passes as anniversary presents for our past two anniversaries and I have become the adult-baby I’ve always found so annoying. Disneyland as a grown is super fun.

photo 4-3

I put a bag on a baby’s head. IT HAD HOLES IN IT.

photo 4-2

As a family, we began a love affair with kettle corn. As in, we have it on hand all the time.  Even if that means making emergency farmer’s market runs.  At 11 am on Saturday mornings.

photo 4-1

As a teacher of five-year-olds, I love this photo. Presidents: they’re just like us!

photo 3

This photo is not staged. This creep jacked my pencil.


I attended several baby showers this year and they were all amazing. The kids were okay too.

photo 3-2

Hammock time.


It’s been super cloudy and gorgeous around these parts since October. Love.


In February, I went to Atlanta for a week. When I came home, this monster wouldn’t let me put him down for days.


My husband found this outside our front door. Terrifying.


“I played a very small part in a very large chair.”


The beast. So cute.


Does this picture give you paws?


I met a reindeer at work! More specifically, I met Vixon.


I managed to crack the leg of a child’s chair. Because I’m super in shape and immune to humiliating situations.


We brought skeletal anatomy into our classroom for Halloween. Yipee!


For the two years I’ve been going to Disneyland on the regular, I’ve been collecting 25 cent future readings from Esmeralda, a beautiful robot on Main Street. The last one I received is this one.  I’ve since stopped giving her any money.  You cut me deep, Esme.


Okay, this is a meme, which I can take zero credit for. However, I can still love it, right?

photo 2-2

This is my dad. In our backyard. Being really safe.

photo 3-1

Abraham Lincoln, the cat who would be a bird.



6 thoughts on “2012.

    • Haha! Thank you! I’m trying to be more positive. 🙂 I’ve also added a photo – I forgot it earlier. My personal favorite is the baby bag photo. Even though it makes me look terrible.

      Happy New Year!!!

  1. I want a “Love!” button for this post. I love the pictures and your captions! Also… your cats are crazy adorable.

    (I’m 31 and haven’t figured out how to blow dry my hair yet. I end up frustrated, bored, and with a sweaty neck and wet hair… If you ever write a post filled with tips on how to properly blow dry one’s hair, I’d totally read it!)

    • Why, thank you! 🙂

      I am obsessed with my cats – I try not to talk about them constantly because I think it might scare people. They really are the cutest.

      The other day, I thought about posting a photo of what my hair looks like after I “blow dry” it, because it looks ridiculous. I essentially just comb it out, towel dry and then hit it with the hair dryer like a maniac for about ten minutes. It looks crazy until it’s entirely dry and then I twist sections and dry the twisted sections for a few seconds. It’s not perfect, but it only takes 15 minutes and does not require a round brush – which I hate and do not own.

      I will definitely post photos. 🙂


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