Today, if I am to believe Facebook, two people prepared their nurseries for incoming babies, one person got engaged and I discovered for the first time that a friend I met in college forever ago is the daughter of two incredibly famous movie legends.  Congratulations on the good fortune, other people.  As for me?  I stayed home sick from work and did laundry and wore my disgusting velour robe again and witnessed the final unhinging of my toenail.  I also watched Huck eat the green balled-up foil carcass of one of the Hershey’s Kisses I devoured to “help my throat.”  It was a banner day.

In addition to the above, I have been attempting to clean up the evidence of my plague by tearing through the horrible canned soups and reveling in the fact that Excedrin is back on the market.

photo 1

I admit this next paragraph is going to make me sound like I have a drug problem.  I promise I do not.  (If you had been present on the Friday afternoon I had my wisdom teeth removed seven years ago, when I took my first and last half-tablet of Percocet and then vomited all over the place, you would know that sort of problem is physically impossible for me.)  However, I am obsessed with Excedrin.  It is, far and away, the most effective headache/migraine medicine available and in January 2012, it was pulled from the shelves.  According to WebMd, my private physician:

“Novartis had recalled it voluntarily, along with Bufferin, Gas-X, and No-Doz, because the products may have contained stray tablets from other Novartis products or from painkillers produced at the same plant. The recall followed a report from the FDA about production and other practices at the plant.”

I’m sure this cross-contamination was really serious, but after reading that, I cannot stop thinking about all the migraine sufferers who took some Excedrin and got some free gas relief too.  Doesn’t sound half bad.  Either way, I’m glad they got it sorted out because I am thrilled to have a brand new bottle of this magical elixir in my house.

Now to leap ever-so-gracefully to the third random topic of this post, people have been telling me since April 2011 (the month of Royal Wedding fame) that I look like Kate Middleton.  This is, on the surface, a wonderful compliment, as she’s famous for her shiny hair and perfect makeup (that she does herself) and her impeccable fashion sense.  However, I know the truth, which is that I “totally look like” Kate Middleton in the same way Taylor Swift “totally looks like” this dog:


Meaning, the Duchess and I have the same hair and eye color and very similar complexions.  While she famous for having great hair and clothes and a royally functioning uterus, I am already planning on throwing my hair into a bun tomorrow and am really excited about this dress I just bought at Target


So excited, in fact, that I couldn’t close the closet doors or move the coat or find better lighting before taking this picture.

and am not currently pregnant with future royalty, or with anything at all for that matter.  That being said, I find it really adorable that my husband is perhaps the biggest proponent of the Sarah, Duchess of California movement.  He must really love me to be able to see through all the craziness and find similarities between me and a woman the entire internet calls Princess Shinylocks, especially after having born witness to what I looked this weekend, what with the not showering and the being violently ill and the noticing on Sunday evening that I still had Friday’s eye makeup on my face.

Proof of his blind love for me:

photo 2.PNG

Love, love, love him.

Now, for comparison (and to kill two birds here, because I also wanted to mention how after several calm weeks, my skin is suddenly flipping out again), here’s me this morning, in our bright yellow bathroom that makes every photo look like it was taken on the surface of the sun:

photo 3

Brown haired, blue eyed pasty person does not a Duchess doppelgänger make.  However, if I’m being honest, I love hearing it.  Compliment away, everyone I know!

Does anyone else have celebrity lookalikes?  Do you also profess to hate it (“Oh, it’s so embarrassing!”) while secretly loving it?

Or is that just me?


One thought on “Drugged.

  1. I can sorta see it. I’m sure if it was just a picture of you smiling and not showing off your spots I could see more Kate lol. I am a curvy gal, so there is not much selection when it comes to look a likes. Princess Fiona was comparable for a good while. Depended on who was doing the comparison really.


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