Cat Lady.

I was up early this morning, after waking up in horror from a dream about my student loans.  (That was a terrible thing to do to me, Subconscious.  But thanks for the reminder – I got up at 7 am on a Sunday morning and made the final payment on a card I’ve been paying down for ages.  One point for me.)

Anyway, I was up early.  And while I was gleefully paying things off and feeling hope for the future, Fertile Myrtle sent me this photo of the niece being insanely adorable, enjoying her first time in the snow, in her new hometown, far, far away:

photoAs I have no insanely adorable human child with which to combat these evil missives from hundreds of miles away, I sent her this in protest:


This is me, this morning, on the couch in the velour robe I’ve been wearing for 48 hours and hair that hasn’t been washed since Thursday night, getting some intense Cat Lady practice in before my husband woke up.  I made the editorial decision to leave my face out of it.  You’re welcome.

This is why my instagram account is private.



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