A few things of note:

1) If you are a female who was between the ages of seven and thirteen in 1993, with access to Disney movies, I am willing to bet you’ve seen and adored Hocus Pocus.  Why do I limit this to females, when obviously boys also loved that movie (if I may use my two brothers as an adequate sample size)?  Two words: Thackery Binx.  I could not get enough of that adorable, three-hundred-year-old Puritan ghost, especially when he was in cat form and still mourning his little sister.  So cute.  I am just crazy enough to almost believe I have my very own Thackery Binx living at my house.

His name is Huckleberry Finn and I am obsessed with him.  He is the cutest, cuddliest, most human animal I have ever known.  Truthfully, this isn’t even the best picture of him and he is still the cutest.  I just thought you should know so that you can stop thinking your pets are the most adorable.

2) The husband and I are notorious for being “too good” or “too busy” or “too discerning” for many popular shows, only to “discover” them via Hulu or NetFlix and then spend entire weekends catching up on them and proclaiming our love for them for all eternity (which quickly leads to shaming people who, like us just days before, don’t watch or care about said shows).  This happened with Community and is currently happening with Breaking Bad.  We cannot get enough.  I was having a terrible day on Monday and immediately brightened when I got this in a text message from my husband:

Breaking so good.

3) Chin skin update: At this moment, I have zero active pimples on my face.  Because I have just typed that sentence, therefore throwing my contentment into the Universe, I will wake up tomorrow morning with at least one.  I will.  However, I’m currently reveling in my zitlessness.  When faced (no pun intended!) with this development, a normal person would think, “Maybe, two months past Clomid, my hormones are starting to regulate?”  However, not being a normal person, my first thought is, “Maybe this means I’m pregnant!”  Sure.

Despite the fact that my face is not actively erupting, I’m still riddled with the angry red scars of pimples months past, because post-Accutane, I scar really easily and pretty deeply.  The proof is in the following photos.  In the interest of full-disclosure, the angle of these pictures is really misleading: my neck is not that small and my upper lip is not nearly that big (in case you were curious).

4) This is a gratuitous photo of my husband cleaning his precious French press while prepping the kitchen for full-scale starch preparations on Thanksgiving.  There’s something so hilarious/attractive about how he is the one barefoot in the kitchen in our relationship.


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