I know this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I was once a thirteen-year-old girl.  And when I was thirteen, I once stood in line at Longs Drugs in my hometown in front of Stacey Dash, from the movie Clueless.  And it was one of the coolest things that had ever happened to me.  I trotted that sighting out in conversations for several years, until I saw Burt Reynolds drive down my street in a giant red truck, at which point I never told the Stacey Dash story again (until now, obviously).

This person is ageless.

When I grew up and moved to west LA for college (never to leave again, apparently), I quickly accumulated many, many more celebrity sightings, especially after I started working retail jobs to get myself through school.  I sold a stack of books to Tommy Lee Jones, had a twenty minute conversation about the history of television with Art Linkletter, and sold $60 Little Giraffe receiving blankets to people like Mark Wahlberg and Tori Spelling.

This history is why I am a totally cool person and why I am completely unfazed by what I did last night: namely, I found myself at the taping for The Voice’s Top 12 Live eliminations and ended up bonding with this person

This is Elisabeth Harnois. You don’t know her name, but she’s been in everything. Trust.

over how gorgeous Adam Levine is (despite how small he is.  He is so small.  Why is he so irresistible?  Oh, yes.  This.), as I completely ignored what was happening on the stage and instead just stared at him like an insane person for an hour.

Talking to a TV actress about how good looking a musician is while being in the physical presence of said musician?  Right.  Like I would care.  I once saw Mischa Barton stumble out of a food court bathroom at a mall.

(P.S.: See?  I don’t need to be pregnant to have adventures.  I am just fine, thank you very much.)


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