House Arrest.

Things I was planning on doing today:

1) Going grocery shopping for food because I am tired of eating baby carrots and ranch dressing;

2) Taking the dog for an epic walk in the beautiful, windy autumn weather;

3) Heading up to visit my parents and my youngest brother because my husband is working today and I’m all alone and our house is freezing and I thought I could finagle a free trip to the movie theater to see “Skyfall” with my dad.

Things I am actually doing today:

1) Eating baby carrots and ranch dressing and folding laundry by myself, as I discovered, after I’d gotten ready to leave and was standing at the front door with the dog all prepped for a car trip, that I left both her leash and my house/car keys in my husband’s car after our hike yesterday.  I’m trapped!  I am currently the embodiment of the old cliche “all dressed up and nowhere to go.”  I can’t even walk over to the market because I don’t have house keys and am too paranoid to leave the front door unlocked for a half hour.  The worst part?  I straightened my hair, which will be a complete waste of time and anguish when I just have to wash it tonight before work in the morning.

And now you all know that the only way I will ever fold laundry is if I find myself on accidental house arrest over a holiday weekend.

In all seriousness, complaining about having a (Veteran’s) day free to do all the things around the house that I’m usually too busy or exhausted to do makes me feel like this:



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