For some reason, I’ve felt much more uncomfortable posting about our dog issues than I’ve felt about discussing the functioning of my internal organs on the internet.  I think it’s because it definitely invites judgment and for all my big talk, I mostly just always want to make people like me.  However, as long as I’m being controversial,

I am such a rebel.

In other, less-political, more-baby-making news, I have had cramps on and off for the last three or four days and have held out hope that my body was bracing for my first period post-Clomid (and without Provera at that!) and alas, there has been nothing.   There has been progress in the “making a decision on birth control” department: I’m not going back on the pill and we’re not going to use any other protection.  I will just own my crazy skin and never drink again and will keep taking all my vitamins.  If nothing happens before spring 2013 (spoiler alert: it won’t), I’ll do another round or two of Clomid. Ultimately, I think that using this time to try to figure out what the underlying problem is might be beneficial to both my insanity and my physical health.  Also, I’m just really curious.

I’m hoping to see my doctor next week for another blood test and to convince her that an ultrasound is a good idea.

Lastly, I’m heading to Newport Beach tomorrow afternoon to visit with my friend A and her now two-month-old baby.  I’m hoping to steal all of her Hypnobaby material so that I can finally post all about it.




5 thoughts on “Rebel.

  1. I can totally see why you’ve felt more uncomfortable talking about your dog issues vs your baby issues. The baby stuff is more about how it all fits into your life and how it affects your mental/physical states. Readers can’t really judge you on what’s best for you. But I can totally see how you’d be worried that we’re judging your compassion… (for the record, I’m not) As a fellow animal lover, I can understand that can be really tough. You know that we haven’t seen all that you’ve gone through with your dog and we can’t see how much you love her. But it’s still all about what’s best for you and your dog. You’re not talking about putting her down, you talking about giving her a home that might be better for her and her specific needs. Plus, she’d live with relatives, so you know it would be a good home. Good luck with it all! I know it’s not an easy decision!

  2. Thank you for this! I feel horrible about the situation and it’s nice to know there’s no judgment. I probably shouldn’t have posted about it, but the baby news has stalled out here a little bit and the only current drama is the dog. 🙂 I hope things are going well with you! How’s the baby train treating you?

  3. Your life is interesting. I vote you keep talking about it, even when it’s not baby related!

    The baby train has been pretty brutal for me lately, but for completely different reasons… turns out I’m also a fertile Myrtle… and “morning” sickness blows! Shhhh… (it’s still a secret). Good luck catching your train!

    • Ahhhhh! Congratulations!!! That’s SO exciting!!! I’m totally thrilled for you (is it weird that I’m beaming over here?). That news completely blows anything I’ve got going on out of the water. I can’t wait to see it’s debut on the blog. 🙂

      • You are too adorable! Thanks for being excited about my news. It probably won’t debut on the blog until the beginning/middle of December – we just started telling people (as in about 4…). We’re going to tell our close friends and family at Thanksgiving, and then our second level of friends (close but not best) with Christmas cards… so once those go out, it will show up on the blog! 🙂 Thanks again for your excitement!


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