Baby Crazy.

Things that make me feel disgusting, in no particular order: living through 100* days in October, having heat rash on my neck and chin, being stricken with a random, stubborn dry patch at the side of my nose, fighting off a head cold, breaking out all over the place, and needing to pee all the time (I thought that this might be a possible pregnancy symptom until I realized that I had had three cups of tea and several bottles of water today).  I have felt totally exhausted and sneezy all day today and came home from dinner with a friend to find I had two more pimples and bloodshot, contact-dry eyes.  Basically I just feel really great about myself right now.

I’m taking a ClearBlue Digital pregnancy test tomorrow morning, which will be 17dpo.  I’ve held off on testing since Monday – an amazing feat of patience considering I was all but convinced five days ago that I was pregnant. My two negative results (on Sunday and Monday mornings) disappointed me and took the wind out of my sails.  In addition to meaning that I’ll have to do Provera/Clomid again, not being pregnant this month would mean that all my crazy symptoms really were all in my head.  And as much as I don’t want to have to do Provera and Clomid again, I really don’t want to have to face that I’m baby-crazy enough to completely fabricate symptoms.

In other news, everyone I know is posting ultrasound photos to Facebook.  I hate them, obviously.


5 thoughts on “Baby Crazy.

  1. I refuse to post ultrasound pics (and I have some good ones since I get a ultrasound every month). I just think no one but us care to see them. With that said, I get why others do and I enjoy seeing others. Don’t worry, you’ll get yours soon.

    • Confession: I secretly love the ultrasound pictures. 🙂 It’s just hard to see them EVERYWHERE. My only hope is that one day I too can have ultrasound photos to post all over the place so that I can be equally annoying.

      • You will be so annoying one day, don’t even worry. We were TTC for almost a year before it happened. It’s tough, but worth it. BTW, I can’t wait for your ultrasound pics either.

  2. It seems like everyone (except us) is pregnant. My cousin and I started TTC at the same time, and she gave birth yesterday. I’m happy for her, but it’s so hard for me to be overjoyed when it’s been such a struggle for me.
    And don’t you hate it when people say, “Relax, it’ll happen!”?

    • I absolutely feel your pain. A close friend of mine (a person I refer to on this blog as “Fertile Myrtle”) began trying to conceive her second baby at the same time I started actively trying for our first. Twenty-eight days after removing her IUD, she had a positive test result and is currently 11 weeks pregnant. She has been nothing but supportive and I adore her, but I’ve discovered that doing the “belly buddies” thing is only super cute when it works for both buddies. Otherwise, it’s just super depressing.


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