I’m about to be hugely hypocritical.  I know this.  Not three days ago I was publicly shaming people for referring to sex as “baby dancing,” and now I’m about to share with you that I too am uncomfortable with a term in the conception lexicon: I am too immature to hear about other women’s cervical mucus (or CM).  For some reason, nothing skeeves me out more than reading a daily log of what someone else’s discharge looked like.

Just writing the word discharge makes me feel gross.

I guess I’m not the open-minded tree hugger I thought I was.  I will accept everything about you except your discussion of your CM.  That’s just too much.

Not only do I feel like a disgusting voyeur reading about it – I also feel like the only woman in the history of homo sapiens who is completely not qualified to assess that particular bodily function.  Women actually study this?  This is a real thing?  I can’t.

I apologize, all.  BD away.


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