Non Sequitor.

We have two cats and a very rambunctious dog.  This is what everything in our house looks like all the time:

After living with progressively worse versions of this mini-blind disaster for months (actual months), this weekend, I had had enough.  I went to IKEA and spent $30 and “invested” in some curtains.

I’m aware that that picture is really, really bad.  I tried to lighten it on my phone, but surprisingly, a terrible photo is a terrible photo with or without the help of Instagram.

After the blinds came down and the curtains went up, I felt immediately more adult.  I now have a living room, not a glorified altar to what a terrible dog trainer I am.  It’s the best thirty bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

I’ve also collected all the weird tchotchkes from around the house and put them by the TV.  Why did I do this?  Mostly because I like their descending height order and I am tired of cats vaulting their bodies off the TV stand, threatening to send the television flying into the ground.  (Intellectually, I know that a ten-pound cat can’t knock a pedestaled TV to the floor, but honestly, these animals can open drawers to shed on clean clothes, throw up food I haven’t fed them and eat perfectly round holes in all my softest sweaters, so I’ve learned that when inviting beasts to live in your house, expect the unexpected.)

My husband hates those fake hydrangeas.  Sadly, I can’t have real flowers in the house or the cats will eat all their petals off.



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