Another handy abbreviation internet conception threads use is “DPO,” meaning “days past ovulation.”  This explains the title of this post.  It is also only slightly less annoying than “BD,” which is short for “baby dance,” which is a silly euphemism for “I had a lot of sex right before and right after I ovulated because I’m trying to get pregnant.”  Dudes (or Ladies, rather), if you’re posting all over the internet that you’re trying to have a baby, I think we’re all aware that there is some sexy time happening.  I find it interesting that some people can talk really freely about their third-degree vaginal tear and yet are still too embarrassed to use the word “sex.”  (Am I judgmental jerk face?  Answer: probably always.)

So.  8DPO.  How am I feeling?  Well, up until this very morning, I was feeling a whole lot of nothing at all.  There are websites (such as the Two Week Wait) that allow you to compare your symptoms every day with symptoms experienced by other women who are trying to conceive (TTC, if you’ll recall from a few posts ago).  I haven’t been keeping a detailed log – mostly because I am 100% positive that that would make me overanalyze so intensely I would already feel a baby kick.  I have been blissfully coasting through the last week, hoping to make it unscathed to next Monday, the 1st, when I can take a pregnancy test and then go see my doctor.  (I love that two weeks post-ovulation just happens to be the same day as the OBGYN appointment I scheduled weeks ago.  My life is never that convenient.)

For the past two or three days, I’ve been having the low, pinching cramps I’d never experienced pre-Provera/Clomid, and some might read those as “implantation cramps,” but I’ve had those before and they were simply a reaction to all the weird synthetic hormones I’ve been pumping into my body (or taking away from my body, in the case of birth control), so I’m going to say those are void.  Again, could be pregnant, could be barren.

However, last night and this morning I’ve developed what can be said to be the most universal symptom of early pregnancy: wanting to vomit on everything.  I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling crappy and then very nearly threw up inside the dryer when I bent down to pull some clothes out this morning (Yes.  Sometimes we don’t empty the dryer and instead just take clothes out of it every day until it magically empties itself.  We’re gross.).  I could be pregnant or this could be a reaction to my eating movie theater popcorn and seasoned curly fries for dinner last night.

I am now posed with the age-old question: is it a baby or am I just super disgusting?



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