I’ve been on and off hormonal birth control since completing my six months on Accutane about six years ago.  My skin is wonderful on the pill (Glowing and perfect.  Not oily.  Not dry.) and less than perfect off of it.  Apparently, I don’t need to miss a period or track ovulation to know my hormones are jacked up – all I need to do is look in the mirror when I’m not on BC.  Having had terrible acne for all my teenage years, I know better than to complain about one or two pimples at a time.  On the other hand, having had terrible acne for all my teenage years and having taken Accutane, I’m kinda over having to deal with this crap.  Since I’ve started Provera again, things on the face frontier have gotten worse.

Since I’m not planning on getting back on the pill until long after we have a baby, I figured it was time to start working out how to manage my hormones (and therefore my face) naturally, without the help of a daily hormone blast.  I spent some time last night researching vitamins/holistic approaches and have decided to add zinc and fish oil supplements, flax seed, and two daily tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (in water) into my diet.  None of these things should negatively impact my attempts at conception – if anything, I’ll be healthier and in a better position to conceive.  Obviously, if/when I get pregnant, I’ll stop playing yogi and have an in-depth conversation about non-prenatal supplements with my doctor.

Regardless of what it does for my skin, I think it will be good for my insides, which are equally important (I guess).  However, I started this morning with a pint glass full of water mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and now I feel like I am sweating vinegar through my pores.  I’m not sure that’s even possible, but it certainly seems to be and is super gross.  Interestingly enough, the apple cider vinegar, or ACV, as it is referred to on the internet (I’ve had to learn an entirely new vocabulary of trying to conceive, or TTC, acronyms since starting this process), does not taste disgusting.  There’s a bit of a bite in the back of my throat when I swallow it (I’ve re-written that sentence three times and there is no way to get that point across without sounding obscene.  I apologize.), but other than that, no taste.  Thank God for small miracles, right?  I mean, I’m such a crybaby that I’m drinking vinegar because I’m upset about my skin breaking out.  Surely I would be devastated if I actually had to taste it.

In other news, tonight is my last Provera dose.  The last time I took a course, I didn’t get my period until four days after stopping the medication, which puts me at a Thursday D-day (or P-day?).  I’m hoping I get it before the weekend because if I don’t, I foresee another wasted pregnancy test and I’ve just spent all my money on ACV.

And, in other, other news, I went to Disneyland on Thursday with two fabulous friends (one of whom is the Fertile Myrtle who got pregnant after having her IUD removed for just two weeks) and their 17-month-old babies.  It was, of course, one of the most adorable things ever.  Unfortunately, it was also a good place for Myrtle to soften the blow and tell us that she’s moving out of state, taking both her fantastic daughter (whose first sentence was, “I’m a nut!” because I’m an excellent teacher) and her soon-to-be baby far, far away from us.  As excited as I am for her and the opportunity, I’m also really selfish and wish she’d stay here.

Kissing babies.


3 thoughts on “ACV.

  1. I know what you mean about all those acronyms. I first started blogging as more of a social justicey type blog. So, in my world FTM meant Female to Male (a transperson). In the mommy world it means First Time Mother. I was soo confused the first few forms I went to.

    I’m sorry your friend is moving away. That’s always a bummer.

    • Haha! I would totally have been confused by FTM! I was really confused by BFP (big fat positive) and AF (“Aunt Flo”) for a really long time. Perhaps women use “AF” because some people aren’t as comfortable talking about their periods on the internet. 🙂

      • AF for your period? On a pregnancy forum??? That is complete nonsense! You are going to have a child come out of your vagina and you don’t want to refer to your menstrual cycle? I may have to rant about that in a later blog! hahaha


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