Meet the Baby.

Yesterday, my husband and I went down to visit my dear friend A and her adoooorable new son, who was born on Thursday.  Being a terribly snarky person, when newborn babies aren’t super cute, I tend to say things like, “Oh, he’s so small!” or “I love that outfit!” because complimenting something relatively neutral makes me appear to be a nice, normal person while also not forcing me to lie.   (I know.  I’m horrible.)  Anyway, I can safely say without any crafty lying that A’s child is one of the most gorgeous babies I’ve ever seen.  I was honestly in awe of him.

Look at how long my part is!

I swear I’m holding him in the picture above (and staring into his beautiful little face).  There’s an elbow there!  See?  I’ve cropped him out (and made this picture look like a vanity shot of just me) because my friend hasn’t even really announced this pregnancy/birth on her own Facebook page and I don’t want to publish photos of her son on the interwebs. I am occasionally respectful.

The husband and I dropped off some brownies for the grown ups (because when I’m running on little to no sleep, sugar keeps me upright and I figured it would work the same way with new parents) and cooed at the baby for a long time.

My husband decorated. So cute.

My husband took a bunch of photos of me holding him and they all look like the one above (except with more baby in them, obviously): I could not stop looking at him.  Babies truly are spectacular, especially when they are the children of people you love.

As of yesterday morning, I am still not pregnant.  I am also still not getting a period either.  I’m not surprised by this at all, considering I once went nine months without a period when I was 15 (and still a virgin, so there was no funny business – just pretty intense cycle irregularity).  However, I’m frustrated now because a period would signal the end of last month’s attempts and the beginning of a new month.  It would allow me to start tracking ovulation, something I want to do now mostly because I suspect that I’m not ovulating and I would really like a huge pile of tester sticks to confirm this to me so I can discuss it with my doctor.

My biggest anxiety is not that I want to be pregnant right now, after just one month of legitimately trying.  It is that there might be something more to my irregularity than just “how I am.”  And I don’t know if I have the patience to wait months and months to figure it out.



4 thoughts on “Meet the Baby.

  1. Does your doctor know that you are trying to have a baby? I found out about my PCOS by accident, but it was just a routine ultrasound. It might be better to find out any difficulties that you may have conceiving so you can hurdle them right off the bat. I am not sure how that will work with your doctor.

  2. Haha! I haven’t either, really. 🙂 My doctor does know I’m trying to conceive, but at my last visit in June, I was still a little terrified about committing to the process, so we decided to just start with Provera. Also, I assumed that after the stimulated period and normal blood work, all was well. Just spoke to her office, though, and have a follow up appointment scheduled (in two months). I’ve only been at this for a month and I’m already a crazy person!


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