As a kid, I knew six of my eight great-grandparents and I was 23 when my last living great-grandmother died at age 97.  Because the people in my family tend to stay vibrant and hilarious well into their 90s, my mom’s side is insanely close and my grandparents and great-aunts are some of my best friends.  Also, they are super good-looking.

These gorgeous people are my grandparents.

One of the major reasons I wanted to start trying to have a baby now, aside from the obvious “I love children and have a fabulous husband who loves them too,” is that I want our children to know these people I adore.  I want our children to have them at their high school graduations like I did and to have them help plan their weddings.  I want our children to have memories of swimming in my grandparents’ giant pool and picking plums from their trees.  I want our children to learn to appreciate life and love and family like I have, because as an adult, I’ve realized just how remarkably lucky I have been.

Mostly, though, I cannot wait to share this experience with Grandma and Grandpa and Carole and Mickley, as I have shared everything else.




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