28 Days Later.

Tomorrow marks 28 days from the start of my first post-birth control period.  If I’m ovulating like the normal person my blood tests led me to believe I am, I should have been “trying” hard enough this month to make conception a possibility.  If I’m cycling like a normal person (which would be a first), I will know by the end of this week whether or not my period has been missed.  According to the highly scientific ovulation predictor I found via WebMD, I should have a period or a positive pregnancy test tomorrow.  However, I have never in my life had a normal 28 to 35 day cycle off the pill, so I am pretty much 100% convinced there is no implantation happening right now (despite the fact that I did have some very low, very bizarre cramping this weekend, which I have never, in all my terrible menstruation history, experienced before).  If I haven’t started a period by Wednesday, I will take a pregnancy test on Thursday morning.  No one cares about this, I know, but I need to proclaim this in a public forum in order to shame myself into waiting until Thursday.  (I already used up a very expensive, not-from-the-99-Cent-Store test on Saturday, because I cannot wait.)

I thought it was a good idea for me to be super casual about “actively trying” for the first few months, because I assumed obsessively tracking ovulation and taking temperatures would consume my life and make me insufferable.  Little did I know that not obsessively tracking ovulation and taking temperatures would make me equally insufferable.  If there’s nothing doing* this week, I am going to feel like I wasted precious, precious time.

*Using this phrase makes me feel like my grandmother, which is something I pretty much always aspire to.  (And yes, I love ending sentences with prepositions.  I am a rebel.)


12 thoughts on “28 Days Later.

    • Thanks! I’m really excited and also super anxious all. the. time. If nothing happens this week, I’ll have to start tracking. Feeling proactive sounds awesome. 🙂

  1. When my hunny and I found out I had PCOS we stopped all methods of BC. Took a year to conceive. I, like you, have no regular cycle. It often has a mind of its own. So I was doing a regular check test once a month. If you schedule stuff it might make you feel less obsessive and just proactive, like the other commenters mentioned.

    • I was convinced for a while that I had PCOS, which is why I had hormonal blood tests done last month. I haven’t really pursued it any further because I wanted to trust the test results, but my plan is talk to my doctor about Clomid if I never get another normal period. (Is it obvious that I have this on a constant loop in my head?)

      • They found my PCOS through an ultrasound. I can’t recall if I have done hormonal blood tests. I just know I go in every 6 weeks for my thyroid numbers.

        I have never heard of Clomid, for kiddo number 2 we will most likely try different fertility treatments.

  2. All of the thoughts that circle through my mind end up in your blog! It makes me feel better to know we’re not alone.

    You may want to check out SaveOnTests.com (they have discount ovulation and pregnancy tests). I also didn’t want to obsess and take my temps and all of that (to becoming an insufferable human being). These tests help to feel proactive without being too insane.

    Good luck!

    • I’m also happy to know I’m not alone! I didn’t know you were trying – how fortuitous that I would find (and love) your blog! (I’m going to feel like an idiot if you talked all about that in a post I didn’t read…) I just checked out SaveOnTests.com and $11.25 for 25 pregnancy test strips totally made my day.

      • Oh no, you didn’t miss a post about it. Honestly, I don’t have the guts to post about it (but I like reading posts from people who do). Five years ago, I went to a doctor recommended to me because I had a rash on face, neck, shoulders, and back for weeks. I thought she was a PCP (mine had just retired) but she ended up being an OB-GYN. Without examining me, she told me she couldn’t help with the rash and based on the description of my periods told me that I was infertile and to have a nice day! I know she’s clearly a HORRIBLE doctor, but she totally put doubt in my mind that I’ll ever be able to have kids. I don’t blog about trying because I don’t want to fail publicly. My best friends and parents don’t even know that I went off birth control. Um actually, besides my boyfriend, I think you’re the only person who knows. Wow, that’s insane of me…

        Thanks for reading my blog too. 🙂 And I’m glad you’re digging SaveOnTests too.

      • Agh – that is a terrible story. I’ve had doctors say some pretty horrific things to me and it is always super delightful. I know a lot of women with irregular periods who have gone on to get pregnant normally – I think it is much more common than most people think, which is part of the reason I started this blog. Most of them used the drug Clomid, which stimulates ovulation. I wanted to try a few months on my own because at the time, I was a little terrified of making that kind of decision (although now I wish I’d just accepted the prescription). I’d say: don’t panic yet. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. 🙂

        And don’t feel like a weirdo – I think now there are officially more people online that know about my decision than there are in my inner circle! You are not alone. I obviously haven’t told anyone about this new blog venture.

      • I’ve also thought about Clomid. One of my friends tried it for awhile and she said that the side effects were more extreme than she thought they would be. Such as: she would go to the grocery store and then forget how to find her way home… (and there are a bunch of other, more common, side effects.)

        I figured I would try for 6 months without it before asking for Clomid. (I’m on month 3)

  3. After several months of tracking ovulation with no success, I told my husband we were just gonna do it every other day for a month. I had gotten pregnant before (sadly ended in MC), and based on when it happened, I knew I ovulated either really late or really early. So I just wanted to cover my bases. But it totally worked and I am almost 22 weeks pregnant now. It was really just a last ditch effort and if THAT didn’t work, then I needed to get some testing done. Good luck! I’m crossing my fingers for you!

  4. Hahaha! We are using exactly the same fail-safe (my husband is loving it) – my cycle is so wonky we figured we might as well not take any chances. I’m glad it works! Congratulations! And thanks for crossing fingers for us. I’ll need all the luck I can get. 🙂


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