I have a very close friend who is trying to get pregnant with her second baby right now (…well, maybe not just this second.  I don’t know the schedule – we’re not that close).  Anyway, it’s been pretty wonderful to have her to educate me through this process, as she also had to take Provera after taking hormonal birth control for an extended period of time and had to get a genetic blood panel run.  She is essentially my conception guru and I appreciate it very much.

In addition to the many other things we have in common (our twelve-year-old friendship, our love for her first baby, our shared joy in oversharing), we have recently discovered that we both really love discussing the state of our uteruses.  So much so that I coined the term “unsolicited uterus update” (or UUU) to describe all the times in the past month that I have sent her a ridiculously detailed or unsavory text message about what I imagine was happening inside my body.  I think this is hilarious, mostly because I am an unusually gross person.

Luckily, she thinks this is great and sends me equally fabulous reports.


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